Accounting and Management Informatics

Profile: Economic/ Fundamental Study Domain: Economic Sciences / Bachelor Domain: Accounting / Study Program (Specialization):

  • Accounting and Management Information Systems (CIG, accredited cf. H.G. no. 978/2022)

Type of studies: Bachelor Studies (Ist Cycle in Bologna system), daily courses (IF)

Duration: 3 years; European Transferable Credit System (SECT/ECST): 180

  • Education Plan - CIG (2017-2020): PDF
  • CIG Student' Guide (20 pages): PDF
  • Support Platform for courses: Moodle

Mandatory Disciplines

Ist year: Microeconomics, Mathematics, Informatics, Finance, Law, Macroeconomics, Management, Basics of Accounting, Statistics, Sociology, Foreign Language (English, French), Business Communication in a Foreign Language

IInd year: Financial Accounting I + II, Marketing, Econometrics, Public Finances, Economics and Enterprise Management, Business Finance, Databases in Economics, Public Management, Currency and Credit, Business Communication in a Foreign Language

IIIrd year: Accountancy of Public Institutions, Financial Control and Accountancy Expertise, Business Risk Management, Enterprise Assessment, Economic and Financial Analysis, Financial Audit, Comparative Accounting, Management Accounting

Completion of studies: Bachelor's examination (elaboration and support of a bachelor's thesis + oral exam)

Diploma acordată: Bachelor Diploma (Title awarded: Graduate in Economic Sciences)

Diploma Supplement: Attests in Romanian and English Language the specialization in Accounting and Management Informatics

After graduation: Employment on a specialized post or / and continuation of studies in the second cycle (master, 2 years)

Material resources: aules, courses and seminars rooms, IT laboratories, virtual company, research centers and teams, an accredited publishing house, 2 international magazines, 2 international periodicals, sports hall, sports club, internet access, accommodation etc.

Maximum number of places: 100

  • Admission on fee-based places: based on the file (average from the baccalaureate exam)
  • The number of places without a fee: it is established annually by CA-UAO.

Registration fee: 100 lei

Tuition fee: 500 euro / year (in 3 annual and unchanged rates throughout the 1st cycle)

Study contracts:

  1. without tuition (Agora Scholarship) PDF
  2. with tuition PDF



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Accessing Moodle

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Free accounting program


Possible occupations according to COR (Romanian Occupation Catalog):

1. Database Administrator - 252101;

2. Credits Administrator - 241215;

3. Analist - 251201;

4. Price recovery / cost analyst - 241220;

5. Internal Auditor - 241105;

6. Internal Auditor in the public sector - 241306;

7. Censor - 241201;

8. Financial Guard Commissioner - 241202;

9. Financial and banking advisor - 241203;

10. Adviser / expert / inspector / referent in economic management -263106;

11. Budget Consultant - 241208;

12. Consultant in Informatics -251901;

13. Management controller - 241106;

14. Accountant-verifier expert - 241102;

15. Liquidator - 241218;

16. Banking officer (credits, marketing, banking products and services) - 241230;

17. Financial accounting specialist accountant - 241104;

18. Accountant reviewer -241103;

19. Tax Inspector (Higher Education);

20. Economist –accountant.


1. Practice in specialized units (accounting firms, banks, companies, institutions);

2. Practice in the Virtual Company of Agora University;

3. Participating in European projects with cash rewards;

4. Free mobility abroad through the Erasmus+ program;

5. Free attendance at summer schools in Europe and China;

6. Accommodation in hostel in Oradea or hotel in Baile Felix (at modest prices);

7. Possibility to be employed (courses scheduled in the afternoon).